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JUNE  2018         

Front Porch Gallery Presents Second Act

Image: Quilt Art / Yuja by Linda Anderson

Butterfly by Patrick Murphy

My Universe by Emily Dvorin

Kelp Forest by Holly Given

Serenity by Bob Boyd

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This issue highlights the Front Porch Gallery and it's New Exhibit, Second Act.

Front Porch Gallery invites you to experience Second Act, a collection of works by artists who found their calling later in life. From those who had long careers in other professions to those returning to passion from youth - the creative expressions in their work are as unique and varied as the stories that brought them to it. Come be inspired by the power of art to transform not only the viewer, but the artists themselves. Exhibit includes 47 juried in local artists including the following.

Linda Anderson “After a MFA degree from Otis Art Institute in 1974, I taught art for a few years. Then I kept morphing into other arenas that also interested me: a trainer for decorators on how to use art and accessories in home designs; return to school for a MA in counseling and work as a Marriage and Family therapist; a short stint as an executive recruiter; substitute teaching while being a stay at home mom; sailing away with my family for 3 years and ending up in Trinidad and Tobago and becoming the school guidance counselor and holding parent training programs all over the island country. But behind it all, I always knew I would one day return to my roots as an artist. It happened in 2009 when we returned to the US and I saw my first art quilt. I immediately went home and taught myself how to create doing the 2 things I have loved consistently: sewing and drawing and painting. Capturing ordinary and extraordinary moments with people around the world, moments that reinforce our sense of shared identity.....this is what drives me each and every day in my studio.”

Patrick Murphy “My Second Act came in the form of a Parkinson's disease diagnosis four years ago. Little did I know that it was actually a permission slip for me to become the artist I had only imagined. It launched my journey into developing my own unique style of award-winning Dimensional Fine Art.”

Exhibit Dates Now through July 7, 2018 Gallery Hours Wednesdays through Fridays, Noon - 6pm Saturdays and Sundays, 11am - 5pm Gallery
Location 2903 Carlsbad Boulevard Carlsbad, CA 92008


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