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JUNE  2016         

Front Porch Gallery 2903 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA 92008 (760) 795-6120

The Front Porch Gallery / Julie & Steve

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Front Porch Gallery is a non-profit, community resource dedicated to creating vibrant, vital communities through art. The gallery collaborates with individual artists and innovative organizations to produce unique exhibits, themed shows, juried exhibits and professional invitationals that celebrate the full range of artistic expression at every level of experience. We are funded and supported by visionary grants from California Lutheran Homes and Community Services, FACT Foundation, Pacific Homes Foundation, Sunny View Foundation and Front Porch.

An active artist with experience in anthropology, archeology and museum design and installation, Steve has directed the gallery since 2002. His responsibilities include curating exhibits, innovative partnerships, community outreach, and overall development.

JULIE WEAVERLING / Assistant Director
Julie works with local artists, curates shows, and provides day-to-day functions for the gallery. Julie is also a professional artist, creating contemporary abstract paintings which are exhibited locally and nationally.


Web Site: http://www.frontporchgallery.org

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