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JULY  2018         

Artists of Disctinction

A Sargent Art Group Publication

Heads in the Clouds by Bob Coletti

Kaliedascope by Andrea Bottancino

Entering Atmosphere by Cheryl Ehlers

Madame X by Oscar Afsahi

California Art News
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This issue highlights the Sargent Art Group and its new publication.

The Book
This publication represents the work of a collection of talented artists chosen for their excellence and diverse styles and techniques in their particular chosen medium.

The Group
Sargent Art Group (SAG) is a partnership of professional and emerging artists and patrons of the arts working together to support and encourage one another, as well as to protect the rights of artists. Our organization is governed by volunteers. Together we can do things as a group that we may not be able to accomplish as individuals. Networking is a valuable and successful way to promote our art.

The Founder
The Sargent Art Group was founded by Jean McNeil Sargent, whose exuberance for life was inspiration for many. McNeil passed away in October of 2012. She is always with us in spirit.

Presidents Message
What a pleasure to present Sargent Art Group’s “Artists of Distinction collection of works by 40 exceptional artists. Diverse in their talents are painters, sculptors, photographers, collagists, ceramists, weavers and digital artists.

A trademark of SAG is that some artists break the barriers of convention and others maintain a sense of tradition in their work. SAG is a multi-cultural group of men and women from several countries, each member bringing innovative timelessness crossing all barriers with their art.

The Sargent Art Group has grown exponentially since its inception in 2002, and today includes regular monthly meetings, movies and recreation, art and photography workshops, renowned speakers, group exhibitions, seasonal wine and food parties, an Artist of the Month platform, and an open forum for artistic growth, networking, sharing ideas and the occasional critique.

As president of SAG, I envision a bright, productive and prosperous future for the group as a whole. “Artists of Distinction” is an apt title for the artists and their statements represented in this book, and I hope you will return to view it again and again.

A special thanks to the SAG board members, Bob Coletti, Christa Chapian, Donna Dietrich, Diane Cienki, and Michael Orenich for their unflagging dedication, but especially to Bob Coletti whose design genius can be seen on every page.

Marie Chapian / President
The Sargent Art Group


Featured Artist for
August 2018 . . .

A. Christopher SimonGloucester Harbor
by A. Christopher Simon

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