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JANUARY  2018         

Bill Georgenes / A Retrospective
Boston - New York - Santa Fe - Los Angeles - San Diego
Through reality . . . He saw the unknown and the mysterious.

by Bill Georgenes

Moonstone I by Bill Georgenes

Wing Nut by Bill Georgenes

Gold is in Your Future by Bill Georgenes

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This issue highlights the life and work of
Bill Georgenes, 1921 - 2017,
Assemblage & Mixed Media Artist

Bill passed on December 2, 2017.
Those of us who knew and loved him will miss him greatly.

William 'Bill' Georgenes was an assemblage and mixed media artist from Santa Fe, NM. He was born in 1921 in Boston, MA.

*Bill's mother had tuberculosis at the
time of his birth and he spent the first four years of his life in an attic. Bill had very little interaction with any human until his
mother's passing in 1933, at which time, he was placed in a sanatorium for eight years. Bill had no toys but began his art career drawing comic books for the adult residents. He sold them for ten
cents each.

Bill spoke no English and very little Greek when he was placed in the sanatorium and amazingly worked his way through the Massachusetts School of Art and the Yale School of Art. His life intersects with some of the great figures of mid 20th century art including Josef Albers, Neil Welliver, Robert Mangold, Mirko Basaldella, and Walter Gropius, an Albers friend from the Bauhaus school.

He studied with Albers, worked for him and sold him his now famous collection of pre columbian art. Although mainly known for his assemblage sculptures made entirely of toys and other small objects, Bill also made extremely intricate abstract pointillism paintings.

Bill Georgenes was a true intellectual. He put all of his soul into each living gem he created, painting a painstaking fifteen hours a day.

His work is colorful, sophisticated, organic
and provocative. He was a master in color, design, coordination of movement, and texture.

Through reality . . .
He saw the unknown and the mysterious.

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