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DECEMBER  2016         

SAKURA FABUKI / by Diana Carey

ACACIA TREE by Diana Carey

NEST VIII by Diana Carey


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This issue highlights the work of,
Diana Carey.

The paintings are painted with a gestural technique; throwing, splattering and dripping numerous layers of acrylic house paint onto prone canvas using brushes and sticks. The painting’s subject matter varies from landscape to nests and tangles. The technique is abstract, the style, impressionism.

Many of the works are over eight feet. By virtue of size and technique the viewer is led into the tangled threads and splatters of paint to discover the substance and feel of the subject matter, the essence of the painted, formed amidst the perceived chaos of drips and splashes. A performance art visualized with impasto effect, one whose outcome is immediately recognized as being rendered with intent, without intention rendering technique. There is an element of unpredictability, due to the technique, which allows for the perceived chaos to coalesce into the essence of an image.

”In this body of work, referencing art history, one is astonished to consider the possibility that Carey has wrest the technique of Pollock back to visual purpose of Seurat, using splattered brushwork as Seurat made use of the dot to quest after capturing fully life and nature in a kind of abstract impressionist painting” essay Robert Mahoney, NY art critic.

Carey has exhibited her work extensively, including her solo exhibitions at the Japanese Friendship Garden Museum Row San Diego, 4 Walls Design Gallery, Trios Gallery, Joseph David Gallery, Gallery at the Brooks, Nadine Baurin Fine Art Gallery, Territories Gallery Tucson, and Insight Labs, think tank, for a session with the National Holocaust Museum. Her group exhibitions include those at San Diego Art Institute Museum, Woman's Museum of California, Oceanside Museum of Art, National Arts Club, N.Y, Natural History Museum of San Diego, Picture Art Foundation at CSUDH, Historical Society of Washington, D.C, Gotthelf Gallery La Jolla, Charles Bibs 626 Los Angeles.

She is represented by the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art, The Gallery at The Brooks, Oceanside, L’Attitude, Boston,
Tim Mitchell Gallery and internationally at the Culture Inside Gallery, Luxembourg.

Diana Carey’s work is held in private, public, museum and corporate collections


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