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Rosemary Valente is known for imploring vibrant colors in both her landscape and abstract paintings. My introduction to art began while living in Hawaii in the 70"s. It was the romantic and lush landscapes that inspired me to begin a career in painting. I never looked back from then on and developed skills in painting, printmaking and even developed a line of painted clothing in the 80”s. My travels to distant lands, especially Tuscany and Provence, have always influenced my works. Their lush countryside evokes feelings of peace and harmony within my soul and I often turn to them for my subject matter. These landscapes are defined by simplicity of form and vibrancy of color. Nature provides the image that is then transformed and interpreted in an Expressionistic way.

My paintings sometimes show the influence of the German Expressionists and I was moved by many of their paintings while visiting Munich. Often the landscapes will leave the realm of Expressionism and deal with color, shape and design…Thus they become Abstract...Music without words.

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Artist: Rosemary Valente
Title: Earth, Wind & Fire
Size: 24 x 30
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Price: On Request

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