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Though trained and working as a licensed psychotherapist for twenty years, Ida LaChiusa is also an artist who began to draw as early as four years of age. Her mother used to joke that Ida drew more than she spoke as a little girl, preferring to communicate through images rather than words. Later on, as a young adult in her 20s, Ida discovered the joy of painting and has been doing so ever since. During this time, Ida also began to surf and her paintings often feature her biggest passions: surfing, nature, and all things associated with the ocean lifestyle. In her work as a psychotherapist, Ida combines art as a healing modality of expression for her clients.

Ida’s artwork has been featured in various venues throughout San Diego, and most recently at the Herbert B. Turner gallery featuring surf-inspired art.


Artist: Ida LaChiusa
Title: Breakfast in Domincal IV
Size: 36 x 48
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Price: On request

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