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Artist List 2018


Christine Ames is a Mixed Media Abstract Artist. Her work is a process oriented journey; a journey that focuses on line, color, and shape, and their relationships to each other. Her overall goal in a painting is compositional balance. Her subject choice is never intentional, but because inspiration comes from nature, science, and architecture, she embraces these elements, which are sometimes apparent in the end result. Her hopes for the viewer are to see that the arrangement of shapes are interrelated, motivating the eye to wander, and to speculate the aesthetics of the placement of these elements which are captured on canvas.

Christine has had numerous exhibits in the San Diego area, as well as in Italy. She currently has a piece on exhibit at the Oceanside Museum of Art. She shares her time between Oceanside, CA. and Rome Italy.



Artist: Christine Ames
Title: Serenity
Size: 24 x 24 x 1.5
Medium: Mixed Media
Description: Wrapped Canvas
Price: $500.00

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