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Artist List 2018


Barbara Fritsche is an artist with a passion to create. Drawing the nude human form at two years old she knew her destiny was to be an Artist. Her work varies from large expansive nudes, contemporary still-lifes, and thoughtful portraits, to massive social commentaries. One favorite topic, nudes, addresses both the vulnerability and strength of the female, as goddess, mother, lover. Using the form figuratively, but also abstractly as a metaphor, she creates landscapes of bodies, honoring “Mother Earth,” and that also pays homage to the power of women, as the foundation of life and the force behind the spiritual growth of humanity.From cave paintings to present, capturing the figure, a timeless source of inspiration, a subject that will never die has been preserved in countless creations. Drawing it, painting it, capturing movement, sexuality, passion, emotion, spirit….whether its line, color, form the composition, endless is , caravanning together, fueled by current insanity of life problems. A challenge always, blending past and present


Artist: Barbara Fritsche
Title: Don't Tell Me What To Do Size: 36 x 48
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Description: Oil Painting
Price: $2500

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